Regional Attractions - Far Pastures

Northumberland is England's most northern county with a character all of its own. From the tranquility of nearby Kielder forest and water to the hustle and bustle of cities such as Newcastle upon Tyne and Edinburgh to a multitude of individual market towns and quaint villages to discover.

Sharing it's northern border with the Scottish Borders has meant that the region was not always as tranquil as it is today, in fact these "Debatable Lands" were once the scene of much battle and bloodshed. Evidence of these years of turmoil can still be found in numerous castles and defensive houses located throughout the county.

Nearby one of the most spectacular and not a little sinister to be honest, are the remains of Hermitage Castle just over the Scottish Border. Wrapped up in a cloak of myth and legend, hermitage is well worth a visit to experience the unique character and stunning location of the place.

Staying within England, the castles of Prudhoe, Aydon, Belsay and Carlisle are all within easy travelling distance and well worth visiting.

The classic Northumbrian castles of Alnwick, Bamburgh, Warkworth, Lindisfane and the romantic cliff-top ruins of Dunstanburgh are all waiting for you to explore.

The nearby Kielder Castle isn't really a castle at all, but is a grand former hunting lodge that is now used for exhibitions and a hub of information as to what's on in the area.

Of course, for anyone interested in our past, a trip to Northumberland will not be complete unless you include at least one visit to The World Heritage Site of Hadrian's Wall. Built by the Emperor Hadrian beginning in AD 122, the wall runs the entire breadth of the country from east to west. The original intention was to mark the boundary of the Roman Empire but it quickly grew into a series of forts, villages, temples and garrisons along its 73 mile length.

Northumberland is a hugely varied county, with wide open spaces to cycle, walk and explore. From the forest trails of Kielder to the high hills of the Northumberland National Park and the Cheviot Hills.

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